To all our loyal patrons

An update to all our loyal patrons about the future of Arts on View Society and Hermann’s Jazz Club:
Hermann’s Jazz Club is the iconic main stage for jazz in Victoria and has been for 40 years. Both musicians and patrons call it “Victoria’s Living Room” because of the ease and comfort there, like having a jazz party in your own home.

As a supporter of Arts on View Society, which runs Hermann’s Jazz Club, it is time to update you on our situation coming out of the pandemic. In 2019, Arts on View Society took over the management of Hermann’s Jazz Club on the building’s lower floor as well as View Street Social, the venue bar at the front of the building.

And then in 2020, the global pandemic began. Despite that, Arts on View was able to keep Hermann’s and View Street Social open and even presented shows when public health restrictions allowed. Thanks to government pandemic support we were able to install and alter the venue to conform to public health measures and we kept the music playing even with limited numbers of patrons in the room. Pandemic funding allowed us to install live streaming so that our patrons could and still can, watch great jazz from the comfort of their own homes.

Moving out of the pandemic, a long-desired opportunity to incorporate the second-floor dance club arose, what is now Hermann’s Upstairs and Hermann's Lounge. All 4 venues are now up and running. We have an entire building dedicated to the big tent that is Jazz, including Blues, R&B and a new addition, DJ electronica. Upstairs we have created a niche for those who love to dance while maintaining an intimate listening experience downstairs.

Despite the challenges of the last 3 years, we are still here, providing outstanding local, national and international live music and supporting our artists. But, our journey to pandemic recovery is not over yet. Attendance at Hermann’s Jazz Club is consistently down compared to pre-pandemic with sales - down by more than a third – and this is bringing us to a crisis point.

This is where we need your help – now.

Over the next year, our Arts On View team needs to raise $250,000 to keep the lights on and the music happening. We are in discussions with our landlord, the family of Hermann Nieweler, and we have proposed a rent relief program that will give us some breathing room. Further, we have a plan that will deal with this new reality. We have already implemented cost cutting measures and are now moving to build new revenue streams such as group ticket sales, venue and show sponsorship, similar to other arts organizations.

Our plan also includes fundraising initiatives, like the letter you are reading now. We will be in touch again soon to invite you to an Autumn Gala Fundraiser at Hermann’s Jazz Club mid-November, currently being planned. We want to see you there!

Your gift today will allow us to move this plan forward and meet our obligations, and to do even more for our community – more for emerging artists, more for people who can’t afford live music and much more. Join with your fellow Victorians who love live music and know what an iconic live music venue we have in Victoria, to commit to a monthly gift of $50, $100, $250 or whatever amount you can give.

Your gift will be designated to the area of most need at this time.

Go to and give now!!!

- Sep 6th, 2023