Welcome back to Hermann’s! Here’s how we’re keeping you safe.

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Our number one goal is to keep all of our staff, musicians, and guests safe. Though some things have changed, we are still the same Hermann’s! Here’s the changes we’ve made to make your visit safe and comfortable:

We’ve Made Our Entrance More Efficient

  • guests pre-order tickets and dinner selections on our website creating an efficient check-in and limiting contact with servers
  • Our back hallway is cleared so that the doors can be used for airflow and as an additional exit way to keep the area spacious.

We Have a New Pre-ordering and Buffet Dinner System

  • Our dinner service is now served gourmet-buffet style, plated by head chef Ahmed or one of our servers. This allows you to see the buffet options behind plexiglass, and see your meal being plated. We offer a buffet of robust dinner options including for gluten-free, dairy-free and vegan diets. See the menu here: http://hermannsjazz.com/menu
  • Our guests now also have the option to order sweet or savory-pies baked in house. These can also be pre-ordered as well in addition to or instead of the buffet.  
  • No bar service. Everyone is encouraged to stay to their seats and not move about the room.
  • If you need anything at your table please give us a wave – we don’t mind – our staff are minimizing trips about the room but are happy to help. We will wait to move between songs so that no one has to raise their voice to speak.
  • We encourage the use of debit cards for tap payment, but will accept all forms of payment.

We Respect the Latest Physical Distancing Guidelines

  • We have installed plexiglass around the bar and service areas as well as a hanging, removable barrier between closer-proximity seating.
  • The room is made more spacious by increasing walkway areas and distancing tables by 6’6”. Tables and chairs may only be moved by staff prior to guest arrival to accommodate larger groups. 
  • Group seating is limited to a maximum of six guests.
  • All ticket sales will be made in groups of two or four to match the physically distanced floor-plan. We have 16 tables available. If you need an odd number of seats please email us info@hermannsjazz.com.
  • The total seating limit is reduced to 40, following the Provincial guideline of 50 person capacity.
  • We are using a pass bar so that staff do not need to enter and exit the cooking areas. Dirty dishes are collected from the bar area to be returned by a designated bus person.
  • Some shows will have two seatings per evening (7pm and 9:30pm) to improve capacity.


We Have Rigorous Employee Safety Procedures

  • All staff and volunteers are on board with a commitment to safety and they have signed an employee commitment. Daily health checks are required.
  • We have assured staff that no one should feel duress to attend work if they feel they are at risk of becoming infected or infecting others. 

We Have Updated Sanitation Protocols

  • Our staff wear masks and use COVID approved sanitizer repeatedly at the bar and on cloths to sanitize any shared items (i.e. debit card reader).
  • We have enhanced cleaning protocols to our already rigorous standards
  • Sanitizer is easily accessible on entry and at stations throughout the space
  • We have upgraded our air filtration system to MER13.

Guest Responsibilities

  • We ask that guests continue to maintain a physical distance of at least six (6) feet from other guests that are not part of your group, staff members, musicians and volunteers.
  • We ask that you respect the safety of others and stay home if you are feeling sick.
  • Masks are mandatory.
  • No sing-along; no dancing; please avoid raising your voice above speaking level.


If you have any hesitation about coming in, we are happy to answer any questions you might have.  Simply e-mail us at info@hermannsjazz.com or leave a message at 250-388-9166.