Board of Directors

We are a group of artists, administrators, managers, fundraisers, media marketers, philanthropists and concerned citizens dedicated to protecting the property at 753 View Street (home of Hermann’s Jazz Club) to create a non-profit Performing Arts Centre in downtown Victoria.

Clay Barber

Clay Barber has been a health executive for the past 14 years and brings 25 years of broad management experience. Clay has been recognized as a builder within small and large health organizations. Clay’s broad leadership experience ranges from executive leadership and portfolio development to transformational change management. Clay has worked for national, provincial and regional health care organizations from both a private and public perspective and has built and managed large teams in excess of 40 individuals and budgets in excess of $100M.


Bert Boyd BSc MBA, Management Consultant
Bethany Management Ltd., 250-655-8961 w, 250-882-6333 c

Bert is a senior health management consultant with an extensive background in both hospital administration and health management consulting.  He has served as the Chief Executive Officer of regional hospitals and a Senior Vice President at Vancouver General Hospital. He has also worked closely with the provincial government and has served as an Assistant Deputy Minister of Health.

In his consulting capacity, Bert has been involved in a wide variety of assignments, including strategic planning, organizational reviews and financial analyses for hospitals and health authorities. He served as the Transition Leader on behalf of the BC Ministry of Health in introducing the six Health Authorities, and in developing their governance and performance management structures. He has also worked with hospital boards on assessing their governance and leadership structures.

Bert has been the Chair of the BC Emergency Health Services Commission and the BC Forensic Psychiatric Commission as well as a member of numerous provincial and national association boards.

Bert has a BSc (Chemical Engineering) from Queen’s University and an MBA from the University of Western Ontario.

Heather Ferguson

More than a decade in the making, Heather Ferguson is now recording and performing with some of Victoria’s most accomplished jazz musicians. Her daily life is filled with joy and a lot of music. It’s a second act for her, one she is embracing with all the passion and hard work she puts to everything she does.
Heather brings the same drive and heart to her music that she used to tackle other parts of her life, including a career in non-profit that covered public relations, journalism, fund development and management for 30 years. Heather has a Master’s degree in Communications Management and extensive experience with governance having served as a Director on many Boards including Victoria Conservatory of Music, Save the Children Canada, and The Empire Club of Canada.
Music is a lifelong passion she didn’t ever think would happen for her. But later in life the stars aligned, and, as Heather herself says, with music the work gets more interesting the deeper you go.
Heather’s passion for jazz vocals began in the early 1990s, when she met the late singer Trudy Desmond. Watching her perform, jazz felt natural and fun, like an old friend. But it was not until years later that she was able to start singing again when she joined Big Voice Studio in Toronto and reignited a love that she first discovered in school choirs and university. In Victoria, The Chywll School of Contemporary Music at the Victoria Conservatory continues to be her musical home, along with Hermann’s Jazz Club.
Now embracing life’s second act, Heather adds her love and enthusiasm for music, which only gets deeper with each passing year.

Bill Turner C.M. PhD (honourary),, 250-589-8024

Bill Turner has been actively involved in charities for nearly 30 years.  He spent many years as a police officer, a business man then a commercial realtor.

Bill is a past member of the board of Tourism Victoria and has served on at least two dozen boards (local, national and international), often as chair.  Between 1993 and 2012, he led the successful efforts to purchase over 200 properties across BC for conservation purposes collectively worth over $150 million.

Bill is currently a consultant to government and business in addition to his role with the International National Trusts Organization.  Bill holds an honorary doctorate from the University of Victoria and is a member of the Order of Canada.

Len Wechsler is an entrepreneur and CPA who relocated to Victoria from Toronto in 2020.
During the course of his career, Len has been involved in the creation and growth of numerous business enterprises.
Len is driven by developing high performance growth-oriented cultures and has provided leadership and mentoring to multiple organizations and individuals in the furtherance of their goals.
Over the years, Len has also been involved as a volunteer with many charitable organizations, providing leadership and guidance. Over the years, he has developed an interest and expertise with social enterprises and has facilitated creation of numerous endeavours within charitable organizations.
Len’s passion for jazz and music brought him to the Arts on View Society where he is excited to work with the team in the furtherance of our vision