COVID-19 Safety Plan Hermanns Jazz Club

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COVID-19 Safety Plan

Hermanns Jazz Club 


To ensure the safety of our staff and customers, Hermann’s Jazz Club is implementing the following procedures following Work Safe recommendations.

Names and contact information will be collected with ticket sales for each table and maintained as a record of attendance for the Provincial Health Office (PHO).

Level 1.  (Elimination)

  • All staff have formally agreed (Disclosure Statement – Employee Protocol and Commitment to Safety) to not come to the workplace if they are at risk of spreading COVID-19.  We have posted signs that ask people to refrain from entering if they cause a risk of infection.
  • Maximum of six people at a table.
  • We have arranged our room to allow for 2m between tables and removed any fixtures that may cause crowding. If chairs/tables are moved they must be placed at least 2m away from other seats.
  • We ask that customers please be diligent and respect social distancing.

Level 2. (Engineering Controls)

  • We have installed a physical barrier to surround the bar and buffet (preparation and service area).
  • A portable, transparent shield has been designed for the stage for singers (projecting air) to stand behind.
  • We have created an alternate exit, using the fire exit at the rear of the room (dancefloor) and out through the back hallway to prevent congestion of traffic of the front hallway.
  • We have installed a barrier between tables on the mezzanine that do not meet the 2m distancing.
  • Entry to the kitchen is limited. We will be using a pass bar so that staff do not need to enter and exit the cooking areas. Dirty dishes will be collected from the bar area to be returned by a designated bus person.

Level 3. (Rules and Guidelines)

  • Hand sanitizer will be provided at the entrance to the establishment, washrooms facilities and at the bar so that people can disinfect their hands.
  • Enhanced cleaning protocols have been established for 1) high contact surfaces 2) customer turn-around 3) shared facilities 4) co-worker/workplace protection.
  • Air – AC will never be set to CIRC. To improve intake doors to the outside will be opened when its safe to do so.
  • See Guidance for Guests. Waitstaff are encouraged to wear appropriate PPE. Masks are available at the bar for guests.

Our staff are authorized to ask a customer to leave the premises if they deem that person’s behavior to be a risk to others.

We welcome feedback as to how we can improve our efforts to minimize risks. Please e-mail or leave a message at 250-388-9166.

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