35 Years – A thank you and an inspiration!

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We want to begin by expressing a huge thank you to all who have worked to save Hermann’s. You have been our inspiration and our strength through these difficult months. We want to talk about what Hermann’s means to this community.

For over 35 years, Hermann’s Jazz Club has been a home for jazz music in the broadest sense of the word, it has been a place for musicians to share and develop their craft, to share the passion and practices with the next generation, a place for fans and audience to come together in community in a warm and casual setting, all to enjoy this art form in an intimate and welcoming space.

The vision, the jazz community and the state of our local jazz art form have all developed and grown together.

As the estate moved toward a commercial sale of the building, the Hermann’s community took stock of this great community asset, its rich history and its incredible potential for the future, we began to realize the full extent of the community support and passion that exists for what Hermann’s Jazz Club has and can offer us as a community.

The music and community that found a home at Hermann’s is the energy of people coming together. The campaign to purchase the building was a campaign to preserve the future of jazz and creative music at Hermann’s Jazz Club as we knew it and to build on that legacy.
The campaign was to purchase the club, to make the best possible use of a space that is wheel chair- accessible, all-ages, adjacent to parking, free of noise by-law restrictions and a place we all knew and loved.

The campaign however was about more than that.

A tremendous outpouring of community support came in from across the city and indeed the country, a testament to the scope and value of the venue and the art that it has fostered.

While the campaign to purchase the building fell short of its goals in fundraising, its mandate remains, and people’s hope for the future was made clear. Supporting the artists, outreach and community have moved from the “future, once we have secured the building” category to the present.

The Jazz On View Society was launched into action to support the art and community we enjoy; to work to support the arts, jazz music creation; jazz music mentor-ship and outreach; community engagement and a welcoming and accessible space for friends and music.

While the Jazz On View Society has made securing the venue of Hermann’s Jazz Club its encompassing focus for the last six months, it is now time to move forward with the primary focus of building the jazz community and supporting the art and artists, building the operating capacity, board membership and general support to continue the aspects we most value in Hermann’s.

In many, many ways this campaign is inspirational. There has been an outpouring of support. People have dedicated hundreds of hours, contributing their talents – musicians, lawyers, accountants, real estate advisors, news reporters, booth sitters, writers, promoters, donors: countless people making connections and promoting our cause, These people are the hope and conviction that we have in knowing that Hermann’s is much more than a place.
We look forward to your involvement in shaping the future of jazz in Victoria!

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