Shelly Carson

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We visited Hermanns this past weekend from out of town and attended two shows on Sunday. From the time we entered the venue, to the time we left, we were treated like family. My two sons, age 15 and 17 are jazz musicians and they were welcomed by the performers to come onto the stage to play a song. They talked to our kids about opportunities in music and acted like mentors to them. It was also such a thrill to meet with Kelby again as he has had an influence on our boys and their music and has mentored their combo here in Powell River. What my husband and I were most impressed with was the welcoming atmosphere and the feeling of support to our family during the entire day. My boys loved the venue because of the cool memorabilia surrounding them and of course it was a thrill to watch my son drumming on stage with the group. We see arts programs being cancelled in schools, and struggling for funding. We have had to work hard to provide opportunities for our kids for their musical endeavours. A venue like Hermans is important to keep young people like my sons interested and motivated to succeed in music and in life. We hope Hermanns can stay afloat.