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Please Help Us Save Hermann’s Jazz Club! April 25, 2017

Hermann’s Jazz Club is a magical place that Victoria needs to save! It has been Victoria’s home of live jazz music for over 35 years, and we need to preserve it now for current and future generations to enjoy and support the music.
Hermann’s is THE venue for enjoying live jazz music in Victoria, and when jazz isn’t being played here, the Club hosts various other types of live music, including blues, folk, bluegrass, pop and even classical on occasion. The weekly jazz jams hosted by the Tom Vickery Trio on most Wednesday evenings are legendary. The local musicians who come down to play are amazingly talented, and world famous musicians such as members of the Marsalis family have been known to drop in to play with the locals on occasion. Fans of Dixieland, swing, bop and modern jazz all have a home at Hermann’s. Hermann’s also is the breeding ground for home-grown musicians who go on to have successful performing careers locally, nationally and internationally. Several of our hometown musicians have had playing careers in New York City, New Orleans, Toronto and other jazz capitals around the world; and current internationally famous musicians such as Michael Kaeshammer, Bria Skonberg, Order of Canada recipient Phil Dwyer and others have performed at Hermann’s many times over the years.

Local school bands have a place to perform at Hermann’s, as do members of Victoria’s Universal Jazz Advocates & Mentors (U-JAM) Society. Hermann’s is a regular venue for Victoria Jazz Society events throughout the year, including the TD Victoria International Jazz Festival that happens over 10 days every June. Many professional musicians describe Hermann’s as their favourite venue to play, because of its homey atmosphere, intimate performance space, appreciative audiences and friendly staff. Hermann’s is the oldest continuously-running jazz club in Canada that’s still in operation. We have shows there every night and sometimes in the daytime as well.
The Jazz on View Society needs your help now to enable Hermann’s Jazz Club to continue and thrive. Please do whatever you can to support this cause, so that Hermann’s can continue its wonderful legacy of supporting and promoting live music, which benefits all of us. Victoria cannot afford to have Hermann’s close. It’s too special to all of us to let that happen!
Sincerely, Russ Fuller

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