Rosalinde Compton

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Hermann’s is just what a city jazz club venue should be; small enough and right downtown off the main streets with parking next door. It’s gaot that patina and ambiance that only comes from years of great music being played within its walls. You cannot replace that just anywhere – and we already have enough hipster bars and pseudo-retro lounges in town for all the cocktail drinkers, party people and social wannabes. Sadly the days of Dixieland, Trad jazz, modern jazz, Sinatra and swing are really history; the audience has aged and well-heeled retirees from Fairfield only come out on special occasions. You need patrons excited about the opportunity to come out every night of the week and who will pay a $10 cover charge, buy a drink and leave a tip, and you need lots of them because it’s no fun sitting in an empty room with the band entertaining each other! The population living downtown is growing and varied; I suggest you target these people; have an advertising budget and use it well…Make room for dancing, serve a limited but good menu, promote the ambiance! The music will do the rest. The demise of Swans wasn’t just an end to live music and dancing nightly, it broke up an entire community of people which was devastating. Downtown needs more community spirit, not less, let’s not lose Hermann’s, please!