Neil Swainson

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My name is Neil Swainson. For those of you that don’t know me, I’m from Victoria originally, but have been living in Toronto, and playing jazz in Canada and internationally for over 40 years. It is my belief that Hermanns is the best club for jazz in Canada, and is on par with the best in America and Europe. I have played most of them. Hermanns is the right sized room, with great acoustics, a lovely piano, good sized stage and comfortable seating with good sight lines. It is casual and intimate, which is great for musicians and audiences to interact. It has the support of a great many people in Victoria. People feel good about going there. I also think the staff is fantastic. Thanks to Nichola and crew for making us welcome. Thanks also to Kelby for arranging great bands for me to play with if I’m there on my own. I hope as a community we can keep Hermanns going for many more years. I hope future generations can play there and listen there, and enjoy it as much as I ( and all the musicians I know) have!