Kim Perrin

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Dear Jazz On View society In the last seven years or so I have had the pleasure and the privelege of attending shows by my many of the best musicians Victoria, Vancouver Island and Canada have to offer at Hermann’s Jazz Club. The list of shows includes both seasoned performers and stars-in-the-making from the jazz and blues communities. And while it has also been good to see musicians from out of the country, it is Hermann’s support of local musicians that is most important. We must preserve such locations for the benefit of not just the local musicians who share their passions with us nightly, but for the benefit of us all. Hermann’s helps maintain a vibrant downtown Victoria. It also contributes to the heath and happiness of residents and visitors. The variety of shows, intimate setting, and friendly staff make it a comfortable venue for people of all ages. It is also a comfortable place for women on their own. And lets not forget Hermann’s contribution to local history. To lose Hermann’s would be sad indeed. In the words of the Bare Naked Ladies “ If I had a million dollars”…. Thank you Hermann’s Jazz Club. Sincerely Kim Perrin