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As a New-York based, 6-time Juno Nominee and Steinway Artist, I hope you believe me when I say that my own experiences at Hermann’s have been among the most memorable out of hundreds of venues worldwide.
Many times there, when I played, it was totally packed with such friendly warm people who just wanted to listen, and I’m not nearly as famous as MIles Davis or Wynton Marsalis – and they are there and ready to come out…but if there’s no venue, then where will we play and how will they know where we’re playing?
The success of a local jazz scene is largely dependent on a long track record and word of mouth. The decades of a physical place in the same location with long mailing lists has more strength than any flash-in-the-pan one-nighter in a random venue no matter how much advertising you do.

Why have so many fans come out? To not only my shows but other musician friend’s of mine? Partly because the audience feels comfortable and can see in advance in their mind’s eye, that they’ll feel good in a familiar and safe environment where some friends might be also.
In Victoria, if Hermann’s goes away, then I’d be sad, and really concerned that its not likely another top-notch world-class club will replace it, especially with the same respectful and positive vibes and in such a perfect location.

In a world sadly filling up with heartless gadgets, meaningless software updates, corporate megalithic stores without soul or empathy, who are staffed by uninvested and apathetic short-lived mercenaries and without a Mom ‘n Pop – please do anything you can to save the things that crusade against this growing and dangerous trend – like Hermann’s!
John Stetch

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