Joan O’Connor

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We enjoyed beautiful music and danced at Hermann’s in our youth with our children and now, as we approach senior citizenhood, with our grandchild, who recently celebrated his second birthday there on a Sunday afternoon, surrounded by family. Sweet warm regular Hermann’s patrons, staff, and musicians shared in his laughing dancing delight and expressed their own in turn.

Herman’s has been the favored outing for both my husband and I throughout our adult lives, and we usually go at least once a week. It’s difficult to imagine how sad and boring our lives would be without the magic and friendliness of Hermann’s. It is a unique and wonderful jewel in Victoria, nurturing musicians of every age and level from Victoria, all over Canada, and far beyond. Herman has to be given a lot of credit for the fact that Victoria has a great jazz scene, a definite luxury in today’s world. We fervently hope it can be kept going, as per Hermann’s dream.

Thank you to all who have nurtured snd continue to nurture this very special place on earth.