Joan Looy

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My name is Joan Looy and I have been an active member of Hermanns Jazz Community since 1986. This is an intimate setting with great acoustics where one can join fellow music lovers who are eager to listen to quality live music.

All Ages Policy and Mentoring
I have watched young people being introduced to live music early in life, some have then gone on as young students to play in the club both as individuals and as members of school bands. Of these a number have gone on to establish themselves as professional musicians at the local, regional, national and international levels. They have then completed the circle by coming back to mentor other young musicians. Of those youth who do not pursue a career in music many have continued to be patrons of the club sharing their love of the music with the next generation. Hermanns has also played an important role for the students at the University of Victoria music program and many travel down from the Nanaimo based Vancouver Island Music Department to attend Hermanns events.

This is a welcoming setting where a broad cross section of the community join together united by their enjoyment of music. Handicapped accessibility combined with early performance times and economical door charges has allowed seniors and those with physical challenges join us.

I have met visitors from all over the world. Some of these are tourists while others are temporarily living in the area for study or work. They have been consistent in expressing their appreciation of Hermanns as a welcoming setting where quality music can be enjoyed. This is important also to visitors who are traveling on their own and find this is a space where they can feel comfortable. The comment that this is a unique setting that they wish they had at home is frequently heard.

Memorable moments
A toddler asleep in a base case back stage, a big band playing where one member is over 90 while another is 18, the expression on a nine year old meeting Wynton Marsalis, Ellis Marsalis sitting in for a number, a visiting musician remembering the last time he played at Hermanns was as a nervous 15 year old and how important it was in his career, a group of young people dropping in for a minute and deciding to stay for the night asking for the calendar of upcoming events,