Ian McDougall

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April 27,20t7
RE Hermann’s Jazz Club and other facilities therein.
To whom it may concern;
Hermann’s Jazz Club is of great importance to the Victoria artistic
community – in fact, the rest of the Jazz world. lt is one of the “go to”
venues for artists internationally. lt is not just a place where one can
listen to some of the finest musicians anywhere – it has the potential,
with some thoughtful renovations, to open its doors to artists of other
genres; and for teaching/lecturing facilities as well.
As an experienced professional musician of seven decades, I can
visuatize the performances of chamber groups, rehearsal and teaching
space, art displays, and of course the continuation of the Jazz tradition
which was so close to Hermann’s heart.
It would be a tragedy to suffer the loss of this building and the potential
it has for the arts in Victoria.
lan McDougall, C.M., Trombonist, Composer, Arranger