Doug VanDine, on behalf of the “Groovin’ Hard Jazz Band”

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Subject: Strong Support for Hermann’s Jazz Club
You may have already received letters of support from many musicians, bands and other
organizations. However, you may not have received a letter of support from a Victoria
community big band.
There are, perhaps, 5 to 10 community big bands in Victoria. They typically range in size
from 15 to 20 musicians, whose ages range from high school students to ‘experienced
retirees’. What holds these bands together is the love of playing and performing big band
Over many, many years, Hermann’s Jazz Club has provided a venue for these community big
bands to perform. Just last night, “Groovin’ Hard” played one of its twice-a-year concerts at
Hermann’s to a sold out, very appreciative audience.
For a nominal fee, Hermann’s not only provides a terrific, time-honoured jazz venue in which
to play, but it allows the community bands to put a little bit of money in the their coffers to help
pay for musical direction, musical charts, and other such expenses.
I can’t speak for all the Victoria community big bands, but on behalf of “Groovin’ Hard”, it
strongly supports Hermann’s Jazz Club and hopefully will be able to continue to support
Hermann’s Jazz Club for many years to come.
If there is anything further that “Groovin’ Hard” can do to keep Hermann’s going, please let us

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