David P. Smith

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When my wife and I moved here in 1991 (she wasn’t my wife then, our relationship was brand new) we lived in the Turner Apartments at the corner of Blanshard and View for one summer. We started going to the Tom Vickery night every so often and since then Hermann’s in varying degress over the years has been a part of our life. We are very lucky in a city this size to have a club of this quality and be able to experience world class jazz in such an intimate setting. You can walk in there any night and feel as though you could be in New York or Paris or anywhere in the world. It’s incredible! It attracts world class players to Victoria and also functions in nurturing and providing young musicians an opportunity to play, gain experience, and grow. I’ve been going to Hermann’s for many years and I feel like we’re in a special golden moment, right now! There are so many incredible players in the orbit of the club right now it’s been blowing my mind! Miguel Valdes the Cuban born trumpeter is internationally renowned, our own Kelby MacNyr is dynamite and in demand all over the West Coast, Ryan Oliver, Tony Genge, Roy Styffe, Sean Drabbit all world class. And if you haven’t seen the genius of young John Lee – bass, drums, piano, guitar, he can do it all – then get down there and get it while you can because this guy is bound for the stars. And that is a mere sampling of the talent pool that passes through the club. Losing Hermann’s would be a great loss to the cultural fabric and identity of this city. Let’s keep it alive!

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