Claire Butterfield

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Hermann’s Jazz Club is a necessity in Victoria. It provides a space for students to jam in a performance atmosphere, while also hosting world class music on a nightly basis. Some of my fondest performance memories are playing jazz band shows at Hermann’s when I was a teenager. I am in my mid twenties now, and am a professional musician. Although my artistic endeavours take me outside of the jazz world now, I return to the club often and am reminded of how much of an impact my experiences there over the years have shaped and continue to shape me. Just a few months ago, Winton Marsalis and the LCJO showed up after their sold out show in the auditorium at UVic, and jammed with those already playing at Hermann’s that night. The place was packed, and it was magical for all who were there. THOSE are the kinds of things that can happen at Hermann’s, but would never fly anywhere else in town. For that reason, Victoria needs Hermann’s. It is in integral part of Victoria’s cultural landscape. Do NOT take it away.