Brodie West

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Hermann’s Jazz Club made a big impression on me. I visited for my first time with my grandmother I was 10 yrs old. She brought me to hear the Dixieland Express. This is one of my most cherished memories still, now at the age of 41. I remember the music! and the fun that everyone was having (dancing around with umbrellas?) It was a place that bridged the divide in age and time between me and my grandma. The place brings people together, music brings people together. It’s an important cultural hub for creative fun people who are looking for an alternative to the major, big biz entertainment events, which are also often too expensive and impersonal. Hermann’s Dixieland Inn (as it was called when I first visited) made a big impression on me then, and I continued to go when it was changed into Hermann’s Jazz Club. I played there many times. I’m a professional musician now (for over 20 years) and I must say that it all started at Hermann’s. Thanks for everyone who supports these kinds of places. Please keep supporting independent music venues! Lots of love to Hermann’s Jazz Club and the Victoria music community