Andrew Sanderson

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I support music and the arts in general. Hermann’s Jazz Club is one of the last places I know of that is dedicated to providing a place for local and traveling musicians to practice their craft. It is a pleasure to attend events and a see a space filled with folks of all ages coming together in a shared enjoyment of music. My passion for the music gets me out off the couch and inviting friends out to share in the experience and also out supporting the local economy. Most of the pubs and clubs have many televisions everywhere as well as loud unwanted music pumping through the speakers. Hermann’s provides an atmosphere for the enjoyment of the music and that of your companions. Many of the shows inspire dancing and Hermann’s has a nice little floor for dancers to move around on. We are very lucky to have such a wonderful space dedicated to the art of jazz. It is hard to find a city with so much musical talent. Hermann’s is crucial in providing a space where local musicians can perform and how we keep our local musicians local!