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Hermann’s Jazz Club – temporarily closed, still streaming

As we continue to cooperate with our health authorities, Hermann’s will be closed to live audience until at least January 8th.  Musicians will continue to perform and share through YouTube/Vimeo.

We’re continuing to work to bring you some amazing Christmas shows as a way to stay connected as we continue to partner with our public health authorities. Thank you for your ongoing support to our club and artists. more…

Click here: CALENDAR for show times.


In the spirit of giving and sharing music, we are hosting our Christmas livestream in support of Music Heals – a worthy charity dedicated to raising funds and awareness for music therapy in Canada.

Your donation directly supports local music therapy programs, such as the one at Mount Saint Mary Hospital. For the 80 percent of residents who have dementia, music fills a gap: bringing back their sense of self and the memories of people, places, and events that are part of their identity. Music therapy can have an observable impact on the mood and level of engagement of residents. It can help calm agitation and connect residents who feel isolated or alone.

In a year filled with social isolation, Music Therapy has been a familiar friend in a time of need.

Learn more at

Hermann’s Livestream was launched in March following the first closure of our venue. Since that time we have streamed over 200 shows and raised more than $75,000 for musicians.

Your donation, to the performers and performances of your choice replaces lost ticket revenue. We urge your support. No donation is too small, as we grow our viewership the impact of these contributions grows and the platform can be maintained.

Support livestream performances here 

Learn more and view our livestream here

Become a Monthly Supporter

Your monthly support will be so important as we plan for the sustainable future of Hermann’s Jazz Club. Set your level of support and that amount will be automatically billed to your credit card or debit account. You can change the amount or stop the payments at anytime.



Support the Arts On View Society’s Vision

We encourage you to learn more about our organization’s vision for “Arts” to continue and thrive “On View” Street.

A not-for-profit the Arts On View Society is structured as a Social Enterprise. We operate both the View Street Social and Hermann’s Jazz Club. All profits from our business are reinvested to the benefit of live performance and audience.

Our superlative goal is to protect the building in which we reside at 753 View Street, alleviating the burden of prime rent and to re-establishing the three venues upstairs.  Learn more here

Send Letters or Videos of support

Hermann’s Jazz Club is a special place; it’s important to people from so many walks of life for so many reasons. We have had the liberty of seeing these letters pour in and it is a beautiful experience. No one person can define why Hermann’s Jazz Club is important – this is the village. Together we tell the story of why we should save this place and what to protect for the future.

Based on letters we’ve received to date, the number one reason why Hermann’s matters to it’s patrons is the positive impact it has on the mental health and well-being of audience members. Our audience also praises the opportunities given for young musicians to experience the stage and a lessening of frustration with society’s displacement of live performance via high rise desires.

Musicians, audience members, musicologists, lovers of jazz and live music – submit your letter or video of support.                                                                                                      See what others have shared here.


*Thank you to Kim Greenwood for making available our front page image.