November Update

Always so much to say, so expect two emails. The first will bring you updates on the society, our name change, progress since September and news regarding the listing of 753 View Street. The second will give you our offering of shows for the month ahead.
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The Jazz On View Society has formally changed its name to the Arts On View Society.

The name helps to better distinguish us from the (Victoria) Jazz Society and demonstrates our vision to find a way of creating a venue for performing arts using the entire building. When we described the value of purchasing the building to endow artistic ventures, we met with numerous facets of the performing arts community. There is a resounding need and a desire for affordable performance space in downtown Victoria. Our vision is best served by either the society owning the building, or the society working with a friendly, committed owner to achieve the same goal. At the moment we are considering our options and talking to anyone with an idea, or with energy, to help find a good way forward.

753 View Street for Sale

What will happen to Hermann's?

A for-sale sign on the building has become more visible in the last week. The Victoria New, Times Colonist, and several online feeds published articles, prompting many to ask "what is going to happen to Hermann's"!?!

Through huge community support this spring we were able to raise enough funds to secure a lease on the ground floor of the building so that our society has the ability to operate Hermann’s Jazz Club for the next 5 years. While no lease is an absolute protection on the future and it is possible for a landlord to terminate the lease with a penalty and warning period, it is our hope that having the income from the lease in place, a purchaser of the building will be happy to hold the building and allow Hermann’s to continue to operate in it

Fortunately, thanks to all of those who donated to secure the rental agreement and deposits we have a five year, renewable lease on the main floor of the building. The show must go on!

See David Lennam's "A New Note For Hermann's" in Yam Magazine Sept/Oct 2019 for excellent coverage of our transition. Thank you so much David!

Donor Update

Hundreds of people contributed to our campaign this spring. "Friends of Hermann's" we appreciate you and look forward to many more years of music and fun. Without your financial support the lease for Hermann's would not have happened.
At our September Patron Appreciation Brunch we detailed how the society has used the $91,000 raised. We want to share our progress with all of you on the Arts On View e-mail list.
  • $48,000 to the estate, to be held in trust as a rental deposit.
  • $5250 in utility deposits
  • $24,000 to upgrade the fire suppression system and bring the room to code
  • $7000 to replace the stove, a fridge and two hot water heaters
The estate agreed to contribute up to $10,000 in rent reduction so that we could afford the fire upgrades while maintaining the start up costs of payroll and inventory. There is still work forthcoming. It may still be a while before we can announce that the carpet will be replaced...improvements are something we do look forward to though.
Long and short, we still need help. We hope to find sponsors in the community that can lighten the load. If you are a business person who could help, or know someone we should be asking, please let us know.

Many hands make lighter work! Shaw Plumbing is a company that deserves a shout out of thanks (one of many), they have jumped in to help so many times. Crest Fire and Brewis Electric too, on call to us in less than thirty minutes to finish our panel. The City of Victoria, the Victoria Fire Department, Health Inspectors, BCLCB - for answering all of our questions and helping us every step of the way to line this all up. Thank you.

Positive word of mouth is probably the most important thing we can share. Having an open ear is another. Any comments, ideas or questions you are most welcome to contact us at

New to Arts On View? Click HERE to read supporter testimonials or add your own.

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