Legacy Building Housing Historic Hermann’s Jazz Club sold

The Legacy Building Housing Historic Hermann’s Jazz Club and Hermann’s Upstairs is Sold: Arts on View Society excited about the new ownership.


The Board of Directors and Management of Arts on View Society, which operates Hermann’s Jazz Club, View Street Social and Hermann’s Upstairs couldn’t be more pleased and excited to be working with the City of Victoria as our new Landlords.  The sale of the building took place today and the new owners are committed to maintaining the building as a downtown music venue for all Victorians.


The iconic property at 751/753 View Street, has deep roots in the city’s music scene.  It was owned by Hermann Nieweler, who founded Hermann’s Jazz Club in 1981, making it, now, the longest continuously running jazz club in Canada.  Since Hermann’s passing in 2015, the building, and the business, has been owned by his family, which has worked closely with Arts on View Society over the years to maintain their father’s legacy.


Victoria punches above its weight in musicianship in all genres and the building at 751/753 View Street is among the primary venues that can showcase our homegrown talent.  The City of Victoria, recognizing the building’s musical legacy, are committed to preserving and building on its rich history, so Arts on View Society sees this transition as fortuitous and is committed to working with the City to achieve a revitalized space that enhances the building’s status as a cultural cornerstone, and promises to continue providing an unparalleled experience for music enthusiasts. 


The Arts on View Society leased the business operations of Hermann’s Jazz Club, View Street Social and later Hermann’s Upstairs from the Nieweler family starting in July 2019, just in time for the pandemic of 2020.  Moving through that uncertain time, the organization was able to continue running shows (with restrictions), brought in live-streaming and made upgrades to the rooms and HVAC systems.  Moving out of the pandemic through 2023, was also a difficult time but, with the help of the Nieweler family, Arts on View was able to pull through.  Today, the operation of these venues is just beginning, once again, to be profitable and Arts on View Society is moving forward with long envisioned community programming to benefit all Victorians and bring jazz, blues and other music genres to new audiences.


The official unveiling of plans and the future direction of the building will be forthcoming from the City, building anticipation for the continuation of a cherished legacy.  The Arts on View Society is excited about the future of operating the iconic jazz club and adjacent businesses in the city owned building.

For media inquiries, please contact:


Heather Ferguson, Chair, Board of Directors, Arts on View Society at [email protected]

Or Clay Barber, Executive Director, Arts on View Society, [email protected]

- Mar 18th, 2024