Into the Act: Empowering Emerging Artists

Into the Act: Empowering Emerging Artists

We are excited to announce our latest achievement in supporting emerging talent in the live performing arts scene. Thanks to the generous grant from the BC Touring Council's "Into the Act" initiative, we were able to foster opportunities for emerging artists across British Columbia. This initiative aligns seamlessly with our commitment to nurturing creativity, diversity, and innovation in the arts.

Meet the Emerging Acts: Under the wing of the "Into the Act" grant, we proudly showcase three remarkable emerging acts that embody the richness of BC's artistic landscape:

  1. Mamaskatch: Gershwin Meets Jobim.  The Mamaskatch Jazz Project, led by Darrel J McLeod, delivered an enchanting fusion of genres with songs from their recent album "Gershwin Meets Jobim,"  Darrel J McLeod is a Nehiyaw (Cree) jazz singer and author who's "Mamaskatch, A Cree Coming of Age" won the governor generals award. We were honoured to welcome Darrel and his dynamic band to the Jazz Club. Darrel's dynamic baritone vocals, thoughtful arrangements, and a swinging band created a memorable evening of classics and standards. Accompanied by Owen Chow on trumpet, Wes Carroll on guitar, John Mossie on bass, and Cyril Lojda on drums, this project merged storytelling and music.

  2. CBRD:  Live Experimental Electronic Exploration.  Pronounced as "seabird," CBRD, the brainchild of Mark Howells and Bri Jemm, showcased an innovative approach to live electronic music. Their analog equipment and effects crafted ethereal and improvisational electronic tracks that mesmerized the dance floor. Supported by local DJ collective Resonance, CBRD's show brought high-energy b2b tracks that resonated long after the night ended. This high energy, two room show provided a unqiue experience for these musicians to explore genres existing outside of mainstream club music and connect with the vibrant dance music cummunity in Victoria . Untilizing the world class soundsystem and stage at Hermann's Upstairs. 

  3. Posh Coat: Indie Rock and Energy. Posh Coat, the energetic indie rock trio, ignited the stage with their dynamic group presence. Drawing inspiration from Arctic Monkeys and The Strokes, they infused their performances with a blend of chill and fiery rock energy. In a triple bill show with local groups Faultline and Silverware these young bands were able to bring their friends, family and communities together for an original indie rock showase at Hermann's Upstairs. 

Through "Into the Act," we are not only creating opportunities for these emerging artists to perform but also encouraging collaboration and artistic growth within our vibrant arts community. We extend our gratitude to the BC Touring Council for their invaluable support in championing the next generation of BC's performing arts scene. Stay tuned for more events events that celebrate the incredible talents of emerging artists. 

- Aug 10th, 2023